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                        Home   /   Payment Methods

                        Order List Summary
                        Goods Total   =  £ 
                        Delivery   =   
                        VAT @%   =  £ 
                        Grand Total  = £
                        Payments secured by PaymentSense Merchant Services
                        Free Delivery
                        on UK orders of over £40 nett.
                        on EU orders of over £60 nett.

                        Payment Methods

                        Westfield Fasteners accepts payment in the following ways:-

                        Order on Account

                        Credit accounts are available for business customers: contact our sales team for details.

                        Once an account has been authorised it is possible to place an order on an account basis via the website.

                        Submitting an Order via the Website

                        All payments for orders placed through the website are handled securely by PaymentSense Ltd. Payment can be made with any of our accepted credit or debit card issuers, listed at the base of this page.

                        Telephone Orders

                        Should you prefer to place your order over the telephone with a member of our sales team, you may make your payment with any of our accepted credit or debit card issuers, listed at the base of this page.

                        Email Purchase Orders

                        Purchase orders we receive electronically will be transferred in to a proforma invoice by our sales team which we will return to you by email.

                        Once you have received the proforma invoice and checked the details please either call our sales team to make a telephone payment using a credit/debit card or alternatively use the details at the base of the invoice to make a BACS bank transfer.

                        Please note that this method can slow delivery of the goods as we require that the payment clears to our account before releasing any goods for despatch.

                        Payments secured by PaymentSense Merchant Services