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                        Home   /   Returns Policy

                        Order List Summary
                        Goods Total   =  £ 
                        Delivery   =   
                        VAT @%   =  £ 
                        Grand Total  = £
                        Payments secured by PaymentSense Merchant Services
                        Free Delivery
                        on UK orders of over £40 nett.
                        on EU orders of over £60 nett.

                        Returns Policy

                        Damaged Goods and Goods Sent in Error

                        If any item delivered to you is damaged, please contact us to arrange a full refund (including delivery charge) or a replacement item. Please contact us to arrange the return of any goods sent in error.

                        Other Returns

                        Consumers have the right to cancel the order within 14 working days starting the day after receipt of the goods. A refund of all monies, including the initial postage and packing charge, will be made within 30 days of the cancellation.

                        Business customers - We are unable to accept returns from business customers without prior written consent.

                        Goods should be returned in the condition that they were supplied and the customer must pay the cost of returning the goods. If the goods are not returned at the customer's own expense, a deduction will be made from the refund to cover the direct cost of collecting the goods.

                        Returning Items by Post

                        Please carefully repackage any returned items, and enclose a copy of the receipt. Send returned goods to:

                        Returned Goods
                        Westfield Fasteners Limited
                        Westfield Farm
                        Westfield Road
                        Long Crendon
                        HP18 9EW

                        When returning goods, please use registered post or a courier service.

                        Please email us should you have any query in respect of our Returns Policy:-